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Images available for licensing on this website are limited to Editorial-Only usage.

Search using keywords (at right) or simply browse this and other galleries. Click images to view larger and then click the "Download" button at top-right of the image preview screen to start the licensing process. Online checkout uses PayPal; for alternative payment methods please get in touch with details of the image(s) you wish to license and how they will be used.

Fred McKie maintains copyright and moral rights in all images; images can only be used as per license. Additionally, rights granted to you are non-transferable to third parties.

Editorial-Only images cannot be used for commercial or promotional purposes (ie to make money). Use is limited to providing context for newspaper and magazine articles, in a book (but not to promote a book), on blog posts or websites for descriptive purposes and other non-commercial presentations.

More photographs by Fred McKie available for licensing (including for creative use) can be found here:

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